Digital Photography by Tom Rowinski

All images copyright T.S. Rowinski. Images may not be used without permission. (Place mouse cursor over image for more information) Keeper of the Flame, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturgbridge, MA - July, 2008 War Memorial at sunset. Mt. Greylock. Adams, MA - June 2006 Cog Railway, Mt. Washington, NH - July 2005 Seen Better Times, Mount Tom, Holyoke, MA - July, 2003 Hercules C130 JATO demonstration- Great New England Airshow, Westfield, MA 2003 Shadows on Stone, Conway, MA - August 2008 Morning Frost on Car - May, 2002 Ashes To Ashes - Marconi Beach, Cape Cod, MA - September 2008 After the Fireworks, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA - July, 2008 Thunderstorm in Desert, I-25, NM - June 2004 Grand Canyon, South Rim (near Desert View Tower), AZ - June 2004 Spider Web, Conway Station Dam, Conway, MA - August 2008 Contrails at Sunset, near Oklahoma City, OK - August 2009 Crop Circles, Marconi Beach, Cape Cod, MA - September, 2008 Provincetown at Night, North Truro, MA - September, 2008 Valley of Fire, near Las Vegas, NV - June 2004 Somewhere between Ragged Point and Half Moon Bay, Pacific Coast Highway, CA - June 2004 Luminaria, Hatfield, MA - December 2004 Abandoned farm - Granville, MA September, 2001 Lightning over NCED, Norman, OK - August, 2009 Sunset at Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA - September, 2008 Snow Roses - Dec, 2002 Baby Thrushes in nest, Northampton, MA - May 2007 Pyrotechnic Palm Trees, Springfield, VT - July, 2005 Wall of Fire, Springfield, VT - July 2006 Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO - June, 2004 Poet's Seat Visitor - Greenfield, MA - July, 2007 Spiral Staircase- Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod, MA - September 2008

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