Here's what my $700 Philips HDTV looks like after 6 months of frustration, 5 calls to Philips Customer Care, 8 calls to Philips factory-authorized service centers, 5 calls to Philips Customer Relations, 4 in-home warranty service calls, 2 main chassis circuit board swaps, 3 horizontal output transistor failures, 1 EPROM module replacement, and a new digital tuner module!

The technician replaced a shorted horizontal transistor, installed the digital tuner the dim-bulbs at Philips insisted would fix everything, and guess what? All the old problems were still there! And then the TV went *poof* and died before he even had time to pack up his tools!

Actually, I've figured out the sick and twisted game Philips Customer Relations is playing. It's a new variation on psychological warfare. The idea is that you make the product progressively worse each time around, so that most, if not all, of the original defects don't seem so bad any more!

So Philips Customer Relations slowly tries to wear down the unsuspecting owner into an Orwellian coma, until eventually, they just want a picture! Not a perfect picture, not a decent picture, not even a barely acceptable picture- just ANY PICTURE! They hope the owner will become so tv-deprived during the weeks and months Philips Customer Relations drags their feet, that just seeing a few dim rays of light weakly oozing out of the picture tube will bring these poor, beaten-down souls to experience a tears streaming down your face, uncontrollable sobbing for joy epiphany!


Hello darkness, my old friend....